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Catalytic Substrate Coating

Catalytic Substrate Coating

We are in the unique position in having our own Coating facility where we Research, develop, and apply coating formulations so that we can offer our clients new technology.

Our catalyst and filter products are the results of in house developed and tested formulations which have passed through intensive research and development processes.

These processes are carried out in our own laboratory, and testing facilities which as an example include sample evaluation room, back pressure, and engine bench testing rig’s.

Alongside our coating development, coating of the substrates is carried out by 3 robotic substrate coating lines which can complete the operations on both metallic and ceramic substrates.

Cat-Emission emission system design
Cat-Emission emission system design

To further enhance our processes, now with our automated coating lines we have a dedicated sample preparation cell.

Our high performance and durable substrate coatings combined with in house manufactured metallic and ceramic substrates translate into innovative products designed to tackle the most stringent emission levels in the Off Road, Construction, Industrial and Marine markets.

With these facilities immediately available at CatEMission, this gives clients security and peace of mind knowing their products have been developed, tested, and manufactured by a single source and not subcontracted through various channels of supply.

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