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Substrate Manufacturing

Substrate Manufacturing

Understanding that system designs vary and need to be compact, means that our flexible approach to substrate manufacturing helps our clients.

Operating from our modern purpose built ISO9001:2015/ISO14001 production facility alongside our automated substrate coating lines we have automatic metallic substrate manufacturing lines.

The metallic substrates we manufacture are produced using high-grade Stainless-Steel foil.

This enables the substrate to be light weight but also offer high abrasion and mechanical resistance, this coupled with longer operating life and lower back pressure than normal ceramic substrates helps compact, efficient exhaust systems be designed and manufactured for our clients.

Cat-Emission emission system design
Cat-Emission emission system design

We know that space is at a premium on Marine vessels, using our metallic substrate we can produce compact exhaust systems.

Metallic substrates can be used in various systems which include, DOC, VOC, TWC, SCR, MSC, and PMF, in circular profile up to 800mm Ø and square profile up to 450mm.

Our cordierite ceramic and SIC (Silicon Carbide) substrates are used also in DOC, VOC, MSC, SCR formats but also in DPF systems and can be supplied in various dimensional configurations.

Both Metallic, Ceramic circular and square profile substrates can be used in modular designs for larger emission reduction projects in various markets.

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