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Exhaust System Manufacturing

Exhaust System Manufacturing

Our Team have over 25 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems. We believe that this is a key attribute in achieving efficiency, quality, and the best possible results in the emission systems that we have designed and fabricated.

We believe that having the direct link between design, development and production is imperative to offer our clients the service that they require.

With this, alongside our other manufacturing cells, we have a dedicated fabrication department which turn’s our designers tested developments into reality.

Within the fabrication department we have both manual and robotic welding equipment which operates both MIG and TIG processes. The section is also supported by being able to roll its own tube from 90mm to 800mm Ø x 1000mm long.

Cat-Emission emission system design
Cat-Emission emission system design

Due to our experience, the machines available and our flexible attitude, we can also accept sub-contracting work.

Alongside these processes we have welding staff that undergo continues training in the latest techniques which guarantees efficiency, quality, durability, and performance in the emission reduction projects that are fabricated.

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