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Due to the continuous developing technology and ever tightening regulations to reduce emissions, here, for you to download, you will find information files on related subjects and our products.

CEMNOx Introduction

CEMNOx has been developed as a compact, self-sufficient SCR emission reduction system,

Metallic Substrates

Using the metallic foil enables the substrate to be light weight but also offer high abrasion and mechanical resistance,

SCR Marine and Industrial system general configuration.

Air assisted delivery system. For Marine and Industrial applications from 2.5 Mw +. General system configuration.

SCR Industrial general Configuration

Air assisted delivery system. For Industrial applications up to 9 Mw. General system configuration.

SCR Combimix, Water cooled system general configuration.

SCR Combimix System. For Marine and Industrial Applications up to 2.5 Mw. General system configuration.


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