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emission system design


Emission System design

Emission System Design

One of the most important core values we have is to work closely with our clients to design a cost-effective emissions reduction solution in line with their requirements.

Our emission reduction system development is designed by combined analysis through NVH simulation (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis.

Within these processes we analyse which substrate material to use, the wash coat and PGM (Precious Group Metal) loading required on the catalyst so that the best performance can be achieved.

When designing SCR emission systems, we also analyse the reagent fluid transfer to aid in the design of the mixer so that complete evaporation and uniform mixing of the reagent before the catalyst surface is carried out. This analyses also enables the correct dosage amount to be found to achieve the minimal amount of ammonia slip with the appropriate NOx level.

Cat-Emission emission system design
Cat-Emission emission system design

Continuous R&D testing gives our clients the latest and most cost-effective technology.

When the analyses process is completed and agreed, the system can then be drawn up by our CAD designers and prepared in our production plant ready for bench testing at our R&D facility.

In the R&D facility several different engine cycles are run. Various gas levels, pressure, noise, and particulate levels are recorded. This data is then collected and given within the Technical Manual of the developed emission’s system.

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